Does Mission Lane Have a Hardship Program?

Struggling with financial circumstances beyond your control? Reach out: You might qualify for hardship relief.


Anne-Marie Kennedy

“Mission Lane must have seen my potential, because they offered me an opportunity and took a chance on me when others wouldn’t, and I’m grateful for that.” Annie, Mission Lane cardmember 

Life happens. Setbacks, job loss, unexpected medical bills — there are any number of financial speed bumps that might affect your ability to pay the monthly minimum on your credit card. 

When hardships arise, your priority is health and safety, which often means paying bills like rent, mortgage, utilities, transportation and groceries before paying credit cards. In some situations, even making the minimum payment on your card might be unrealistic.

But can your credit card company help? 

In some cases, yes. Mission Lane offers hardship relief to help qualifying cardmembers struggling with financial circumstances beyond their control. 

What is Hardship Relief?

Illustration by Kyle Duong

At Mission Lane, hardship relief refers to payment plans that may provide a cardmember with alternatives like a temporarily reduced minimum payment, a reduced APR, or the ability to miss a payment without incurring late fees or additional interest charges. 

Hardship relief doesn’t eliminate credit card debt, but offers a cardmember the breathing room to take a pause while they get back on their feet. 

Important note: Everyone has their own unique financial road to travel. Eligibility for hardship relief is based on your specific circumstances as well as a variety of other factors. 

If you’re struggling with financial circumstances beyond your control, it’s important to reach out to a Mission Lane service agent as soon as possible so they can assist you in navigating your options. Call Mission Lane (855) 570-3732 to speak with a customer service agent, or contact us through the website or app. 

Who Qualifies for Hardship Relief? 

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You might qualify for hardship relief from Mission Lane if you’re experiencing financial difficulty due to events that are out of your control. 

Each cardmember’s case is reviewed individually and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so we recommend reaching out to speak with a service agent about your options. 

*Please note, Mission Lane cardholders seeking hardship relief must not be in bankruptcy.

Want to know if you qualify? Mission Lane service agents are there to help identify which hardship relief programs you may qualify for and how to apply.

Other Resources

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Whether or not you qualify for hardship relief, you can ask a Mission Lane customer service representative to connect you with SpringFour, a free national service that helps you find trusted nonprofit and government resources in your area. These resources may include financial or other types of assistance, such as rent relief, food assistance, or prescription medication help. Based on your zip code, a list of organizations along with their contact information and website will be provided so you can reach out and see if you qualify for assistance. 

We know that Mission Lane is just one part of your bigger financial picture. Our aim is to support you, especially in the moments that matter, as you take care of your whole financial self.  

“I am so happy Mission Lane took a chance on me — and I believe I’m on the right path.” 

Karen, Mission Lane cardmember